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Last Update:  7 September 2015

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1 Westerland and Braderup

2 Keitum and Morsum

3 List, Kampen and Wenningstedt

4 Ellenbogen -
The Elbow

5 Romo

6 Rantum and Hörnum

7 Hallig Hooge

8 Denmark

9 Sylt Wattland to Hamburg

10 Elbe in Hamburg to Home in Hessen

The Island of Sylt 2014

Map Sylt

Sylt on the left is just south of the green island at the top of the page in the map on the right.

Map Germany

Westerland and Braderup

When Germans think about Sylt, they normally think first about the beach in Westerland, which is normally filled with people. But there are many faces to this interesting island. I will start with Westerland and the middle section of this island in the North Sea near Denmark, and then show you some of the other “faces” before moving on to my bike trip back home. Below, the “face” of yours truly.

P1240161 Sunset Westerland

Sunset in Westerland. I stayed here at a Kur clinic for 3 weeks to get my lungs in order, then rode my bike back home - about 700 km to the south - so this is a combination trip of vacation and cycling.


While on the island of Sylt, my wife, Angela, came to visit me for 5 days, so she will appear several times in the next few pages.

P1240218 Braderup
P1240267 Strand Westerland

The Beach in Westerland on a Hot Day

P1240394 Westerland Strand

Some days are warm and others cooler.

Westerland 1

That evening, the wind became violent and pushed the waves to a new high. The next morning, the chairs had all taken a new position.

P1240756 Strandkorb Westerland Beach
P1240215 Fasan bei der Klinik
P1240755 Westerland Beach
P1240186 Braderup Brücke

On the east side of the island, only 2 miles away, is Braderup which has it’s own character and a beach promenade that goes for 5 km.

P1240650 Munkmarsch Hafen
P1240651 Munkmarsch Hafen
P1240190 Braderup
P1240212 Hase bei der Klinik

Along The Munkmarsch Promenade

P1240142 Sunset Asklepios Nordseeklinik

Sunsets in Westerland

The next day. I rode to the east end of the island, first to Keitum then on to the cliffs in Morsum.  Keitum und Morsum

P1240391 Westerland Strand

No one seems to be shy on this beach. When it is warm, both male and female pretend to be in the Garden of Eden alone.

P1240391 Westerland Strand
P1240392 Westerland Strand
P1240749 Westerland Beach last evening

Wind is normal here and sometimes changes the position of the beach chairs. Above was the same place the day before.

P1240752 Westerland Beach
Angelas Wohnung Westerland

The apartment house, where my wife stayed in Sylt.

P1240383 Sylt Leuchtturm

Lighthouse on the way to Braderup

P1240649 Munkmarsch Hafen
P1240189 Braderup
P1240216 Braderup

Nice House on the Munkmarsch in Braderup

P1240182 Braderup
P1240217 Braderup
P1240191 Braderup
P1240144 Sunset Asklepios Nordseeklinik
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