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Last Update:  24 August 2015

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1 Westerland and Braderup

2 Keitum and Morsum

3 List, Kampen and Wenningstedt

4 Ellenbogen -
The Elbow

5 Romo

6 Rantum and Hörnum

7 Hallig Hooge

8 Denmark

9 Sylt Wattland to Hamburg

10 Elbe in Hamburg to Home in Hessen

Map List Kampen
GOPR0462 Kampen Golf Course
GOPR0468 Kampen Golf Course
GOPR0478 Kampen Golf Course

I went to the golf course with friends I had met on the island, Horst, Karin and Gertrud, to enjoy a cup of coffee.

P1240638 Wenningenstedt DengHoog
P1240634 Wenningenstedt DengHoog

As you can see on the poster, there are several grave sites like this one on the island of Sylt. You can visit two of them.


The ceiling is beautifully decorated and the Lords prayer is painted into a strip that goes all the way around the base of the ceiling.


Give us our daily bread. Forgive us all our sins. This is written in the old Friesian language.


Your kingdom come. Let us do your will.


Soccer church service!  The world of soccer championships were going on during my visit. So the church offered a place for the people to, and watch the games.

Peter Kühn u Karin Lehman Gosch

Horst und Karin bei ihrem Lieblings-Restaurant - Gosch

GOPR0517 Wenningstedt Strand
7967 Sunset bei Kampen
7971 Sunset bei Kampen
7968 Sunset bei Kampen

And the sky continues to be beautiful up to 30 minutes after the sun goes down.

GOPR0526 Radweg Kampen

All of the roofs of the homes are made of reed - extremely expensive, but extremely effective to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

GOPR0537 Radweg Kampen - List

This trail, high on a Hill, leads to an FKK - Nude - Beach.
No cameras allowed!

P1240228 Heide bei List

There are also many fields covered with Heather.

P1240227 Düne bei List

Just before arriving in the city of List, there are many sand dunes.

P1240748 Purple Bemch List

List, Kampen and Wenningstedt on the
Island of Sylt

GOPR0463 Kampen Golf Course

Just above Westerland and Keitum on the way to Wenningstedt is a very beautiful golf course.

GOPR0480 Kampen Golf Course

What makes the golf course so beautiful is the lighthouse in the background and the beautiful strategically-placed ponds.

GOPR0467 Kampen Golf Course
GOPR0473 Kampen Golf Course

Not far from the golf course in Wenningstedt is a grave that was placed there by the Huns.

P1240631 Wenningenstedt DengHoog
P1240595 Hünengrab Wenningstedt
P1240620 Kapelle Wenningstedt Angela

This Protestant church in Wenningstedt is near the grave and is quite interesting on the inside.

P1240640  Wenningenstedt Strandkorb Wind

It was a very windy day in Wenningstedt, so we had to find a protected corner to drink a cappuccino.

P1240643 Wenningenstedt Wind

Extreme Wind in Wenningstedt

P1240381 Sylt Kampen

Another great restaurant, the Stürmhaube (the Storm Cape), was near this old lighthouse.  On the way there, Horst was so happy that he did a little jig. Click it!

GOPR0518 Wenningstedt Strand

In Wenningstedt there was also a very beautiful promenade along the beach.  Click it!


Sunsets in Wenningstedt are absolutely breathtaking.

7973 Sunset bei Kampen
GOPR0530 Radweg Kampen

These road markers mark the city limits of Kampen. Kampen is a very rich city and only the wealthy live there.

GOPR0529 Radweg Kampen
GOPR0533 Radweg Kampen
P1240229 Strand bei List

On the way North to List, there are several totally empty beaches on the west side of the island.

7966 Sylt
P1240226 Düne bei List

Sorry, but the only photograph I took in the city of list was of this purple bench. I was thinking about making one just like it

Continue on to the Elbow,
the North end of Sylt.

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