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Last Update:  24 August 2015

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1 Westerland and Braderup

2 Keitum and Morsum

3 List, Kampen and Wenningstedt

4 Ellenbogen -
The Elbow

5 Romo

6 Rantum and Hörnum

7 Hallig Hooge

8 Denmark

9 Sylt Wattland to Hamburg

10 Elbe in Hamburg to Home in Hessen

P1240261 Ellenbogen

The Elbow


The North End of Sylt

7979 Ellenbogen1

View of List from the End of the Elbow

P1240232 Ellenbogen

Königshafen from West - Elbow Left - List Right

P1240260 Ellenbogen Düne

Trail to North Beach

P1240235 Ellenbogen

North Beach

P1240238 Ellenbogen

North Beach

Ellenbogen Möwen Dänemark

Seagulls on North Beach - with View to Mainland

7980 Sylt Ellenbogen

Northeast End of Elbow

P1240249 Birdtracks

North Beach

P1240253 Ellenbogen Strand

North Beach - The sun was so intensive, the rocks were shining.

P1240247 Ellenbogen RettungsSchiff Dänemark

Danish Border Patrol Boat

P1240258 Ellenbogen Strand

Place Marker on North Beach

P1240284 Ellenbogen Leuchtturm
P1240287 Ellenbogen

Sheep Farm on End of Elbow

P1240294 Ellenbogen Schaf
P1240299 Ellenbogen Schäflein

Worthy is the Lamb

P1240293 Ellenbogen

There must be a café in the farm.

P1240329 Ellenbogen

The wind became so strong, I held onto this post to keep from being blown away.

P1240318 Ellenbogen Strand

End of Elbow with View to Windmills on the Mainland

P1240327 Ellenbogen Fähre

The ferry travels once every two hours from Sylt to Havenby.

P1240336 Ellenbogen Schafe

The sheep all sat low when the wind came.

P1240356 Ellenbogen Windsurfen

The first kite surfer appeared within 10 minutes.

P1240365 Ellenbogen Windsurfen

A windsurfer leans low into the wind.

Continue on to Romo, Denmark

P1240231 Ellenbogen

End of Elbow Viewed from List

P1240234 Ellenbogen

Lighthouse on North Side of Elbow

7938 Sylt Ellenbogen

North Beach

P1240236 Ellenbogen

North Beach

7939 Sylt Ellenbogen

North Beach

P1240240 Ellenbogen Möwen Dänemark


7981 Sylt

Northeast End of Elbow with North Beach

P1240255 Ellenbogen Strand

North Beach

P1240251 Ellenbogen Qualle

Stranded Jellyfish

P1240256 Ellenbogen Strand

Warning to Potential Swimmers - The current between the islands is extremely strong and dangerous.

P1240259 Ellenbogen Düne

View from Dune to North Beach

P1240339 Ellenbogen Strand
P1240344 Ellenbogen

There are very few hikers in the Elbow.

P1240296 Ellenbogen

This sheep is ready to be sheared.

P1240289 Ellenbogen

Two Ladies Walking their Dog

P1240306 Ellenbogen Strand
P1240315 Ellenbogen Strand

Elbow Windy East Shore - Click it!!!

P1240335 Ellenbogen Fähre

Ferry on the Way to Havenby, Danemark

P1240347 Ellenbogen

Windy Return to Sylt - Click it!

P1240350 Ellenbogen Windsurfen

Of course, the windsurfers began to appear.

P1240361 Ellenbogen Windsurfen

Then another...

P1240366 Ellenbogen Windsurfen

Within 30 minutes, there were 4 more kite surfers.

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