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Last Update:  29 August 2015

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1 Westerland and Braderup

2 Keitum and Morsum

3 List, Kampen and Wenningstedt

4 Ellenbogen -
The Elbow

5 Romo

6 Rantum and Hörnum

7 Hallig Hooge

8 Denmark

9 Sylt Wattland to Hamburg

10 Elbe in Hamburg to Home in Hessen

Map Hooge 1

Hallig Hooge

Map Hooge 2

At the bottom of  the map on the left, south of the Islands of Amrum and Föhr and just north of Pellworm, you see a small island that is not really an island at all.

When a storm comes, only the buildings are above water and the rest is flooded with water. In Germany, such places are known as a “Hallig” - Nordmarsch-Langeneß is also a hallig, but it is not suited for tourists.

P1240484 Adler
P1240673 Amrum

On the way to the Hallig, we passed the island of Amrum, which has an extremely wide beach of up to 1 km wide.

P1240682 Hallig Hooge
P1240680 Hallig Hooge
P1240687 Hallig Hooge

Disembarking on the Hallig

P1240688 Hallig Hooge

My wife saved a soft seat for me.


The first stop was at the main group of houses known as a Warft on the Hallig. There are 10 Warfts on the Hallig Hooge.

Hanswarft has a small store, a cinema and a couple of tourist attractions. We visited a Heimat Museum

P1240698 Hallig Hooge Warft

The Königspesel - A Colonial Museum


The walls were covered with these artistic tiles.  On each tile is a different theme that is related to community life on the Hallig.

P1240704 Desk

On this desk was a very old bible.

P1240694 Hallig Hooge Warft

Homes on Hanswarft


Grazing Fields behind the Hanswarft

P1240708 Angela Sheep

Angela became excited when she saw the sheep out in the field.

P1240713 Hallig Hooge Sheep

After seeing the sheep we had to hurry to get back to the wagons so that we can go to the church Warft (Kirchwarft) .

P1240722 Hallig Hooge Kirche
P1240720 Hallig Hooge Kirche
P1240728 Hallig Hooge Kirche

Altar - Note Matthew, Mark, Luke and John holding up the baptism bowl at the bottom left corner of the photo.

P1240736 Hallig Hooge Kirche

Note the Bell Tower on the lawn behind my wife.

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P1240667 Hörnum  Adler

My wife, Angela, and I left from the far south end of the island in Hörnum on the Adler (Eagle) tourist boat.   The weight behind the boat was incredibly large. 
Click the wake to see the power of this fast boat!

P1240671 sea lions

A sandbar, about 2 km offshore, was filled with sea lions.


Approaching the Hallick, we could see the farms that are built on hills on the land that is sometimes underwater.

P1240683 Hallig Hooge
P1240685 Hallig Hooge

The wagon driver was waiting for us with his horses when we arrived.

P1240718 Hallig Hooge Wart
P1240691 Hallig Hooge Pferdekutsche

The wagons left to get another load of tourists.

P1240699 Hallig Hooge Milchkaffee

Bedroom in the Museum

P1240706 Porcelain
P1240696 Hallig Hooge Warft
P1240716 Hallig Hooge Playground

Playground behind the Hanswarft

P1240710 Hallig Hooge Sheep
P1240711 Hallig Hooge Sheep
P1240714 Hallig Hooge Angela

Of course, she is excited about anything if it has wool! Why? Because spinning wool with a spinning wheel is her favorite hobby..

P1240719 Hallig Hooge Kirchwarft
P1240721 Hallig Hooge Kirche

Interesting in this church is the colorful pulpit on the right.

P1240735 Hallig Hooge Kirche

The floor under the pews was made of sand.

P1240739 Shrimp Boot

Shrimp Boat from Husum - on the Way Back to Sylt

P1240745 Shrimp Boot
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