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Last Update:  24 August 2015

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1 Westerland and Braderup

2 Keitum and Morsum

3 List, Kampen and Wenningstedt

4 Ellenbogen -
The Elbow

5 Romo

6 Rantum and Hörnum

7 Hallig Hooge

8 Denmark

9 Sylt Wattland to Hamburg

10 Elbe in Hamburg to Home in Hessen

Rantum and Hörnum - The South End of  Sylt

7952 Rantum

The most interesting part of Rantum is the small harbor on the Watt.

7945 Rantum

A few people live south of the  harbor in a new construction area.

7940 Jugendherberge Hörnum

Youth Hostel or Clinic

7951 Rantum
7948 Rantum
7942 Heide bei Rantum

The Lighthouse in Hörnum is Impressive

P1240168 Don Karin Horst Hörnum

My wife, Angela, joined me for a visit 2 weeks later.

P1240662 Hörnum beach

Next to the harbor was a place for catamarans.

P1240592 Die Willi

The biggest attraction in the harbor is Willi, a female sea lion that has lived there for many years. A small stand sells food for Willi.

P1240661 Hörnum Beach
P1240177 Hörnum Horst Leuchturm

South of the city is a trail that heads to the end of the Island. Here, Horst is posing with my bicycle south of the lighthouse.

P1240178 Kind Hörnum

A few meters further south and the asphalt changed to sand.


Shelter from the Sun and Wind


View to the West


A small whale was sighted at this beach.

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Map Rantum Hornum
7946 Rantum

Rantum - New Homes

7947 Rantum

There are a few playgrounds in Rantum, but mostly next to schools.

7949 Rantum
7944 Rantum

The Area Between Rantum and Hörnum is mostly Dune Landscape

7941 Hörnum Rantum

Approaching Hörnum on the South End of the Island
Street Lights Suddenly Appear

P1240162 Karin Horst Gertrud

Karin, Horst and Gertrud joined me for a day in Hörnum.

P1240171 Gertrud Don Karin Hörnum

The Harbor in Hörnum was especially attractive.
Here the Adler tourist ship is returning from the south.

P1240664 Hörnum  Adler
P1240747 Hafen Hörnum

To the left of the harbor is a small beach with a lifeguard.

P1240172 Karin Seehaus Hörnum

We left the harbor to go to a coffee shop about 100 meters away.

P1240175 Hörnum Don Leuchturm

Yours Truly. Horst and the ladies came on the bus. I rode my bike.


On the Beach


Just a couple of years ago, this lookout extended into what is now the ocean. Wind and erosion wiped out all except part of the stairs.


View to the East

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