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Last Update:  9 March 2018

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Don was born in Indiana in the USA in 1948. He is a technical writer, editor, amateur musician, and part-time adventurer, who was never able to settle down in one place. Somewhat of a “nomad,” he has moved 36 times in his life and has visited 43 different countries throughout the world. During the Vietnamese war, Don could not envision himself shooting at people and enlisted in the US Air Force. He landed shortly thereafter in Germany and discovered that learning a foreign language was really quite easy. Traveling mostly around Europe, Don learned how fascinating it could be to see the world. After the Vietnamese war was over, he returned to Indiana for a while, but he missed his friends in Europe and the cultural differences that allowed him to use his language skills. Later, Don attended graduate school and received a Masters-Level Certificate in Information Systems Management.

When the “Wanderlust” attacked him again, he eventualy made his way back to Europe where he has lived for 38 years. He attended three universities and has learned to speak German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. He can also get by in a few other languages.

Don has worked in a chemistry laboratory, in psychiatry, as an international consultant in the automotive industry, as a computer operations center manager, as intelligence representative for the US Government, as covert operations officer in the US Air Force, as author, trainer and consultant for NATO, and as a technical writer for SAP Corporation in Germany. At 58, in 2006, he retired and began a new fun carreer enjoying cycling tours on his bicycle.  

Don Livigno

Favorite Clothing

Blue Jeans and T-Shirts

Favorite Food

Pizza and Greek Food

Favorite Music

Classical Guitar, Christian Pop, Blue Grass

Favorite Saying

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”  - C.S.Lewis -

Don loves the mountains, the rivers, the sea, nearly everyone he meets, and his Creator, who gives him strength and purpose in life.

In addition to cycling, Don’s hobbies include kayaking, snow skiing, mountain climbing, gardening, writing about his travels, and photography. He also sings tenor in the Herbertscher Chor -- an award-winning choir in Germany -- and plays the guitar and trumpet in his local community.

Don lives in Hoechst in the Odenwald (Odin’s Magical Forest) about an hour southeast of the city of Frankfurt on the Main River together with his wife of 35 years, Angela, who is a nutrition scientist and works out of a Praxis in our home. His sons, Christian and Marcus, have earned their diplomas at universities in Germany. Marcus has a B.A. in Interactive Digital Media from the FHS in Dieburg and Christian has an M.E. in Corporate Management from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen with a focus on Engineering.

Oh yes, when the Wanderlust attacks him, it isn’t long before Don leaves to go on another cycling tour - his favorite hobby. Thanks to modern technology, he can chat daily with anyone -- from any country in the world.

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