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A Few Words by a Former Atheist

It doesn’t really start with believing that God exists or even with the bible.

When I grew up as a child, I was taken to church by my parents, who provided me with a strict set of rules to live by. I was active in the church as a teenager, and later, in a church youth group in Germany. Most of the time, I was very happy about being a part of the religious scene and followed the traditions of my family before me.

Eventually, after a few serious disappointments in life, I rejected the church and everything it stood for. I saw the church for what it too frequently represented, a building where hypocrites put on a mask and acted differently on Sunday morning than they did at home or in private. Much of the time, I felt like the leaders were spinning their wheels, concocting a program that brought as many people as possible through the church doors. Often I thought all they  doing was putting on a show for the people in attendance. And I was put off when I watched rule-bound churchgoers commit adultery, drink too much, glut themselves, and gossip about anyone that didn't agree with their views on religion.

There were a few people in the church who honestly practiced Christian love and were really wonderful people, but they were in the minority. I was so disappointed with the hypocrisy in the church and became so disillusioned, that I simply quit attending. I avoided all Christian gatherings and became an atheist.

Then something happened that changed my life completely €in a very positive way.
Where it really starts is in trying really hard to believe that God does not exist. That’s where we all get into trouble. Because if there is no Supreme Being -- a Producer and Director of this show called Life on the Planet Earth --  who encourages us to behave in a certain way, then where did all the complexity in nature come from? and why is it that even non-believers insist that there is a set of rules that we must obey -- that there is right and wrong black and white? And if you don't believe that everyone believes in right and wrong, just steal a car from a thief and then ask him afterwards what he thinks about it.

The more I tried to ignore the existence of a Supreme Being -- the Designer of this Universe that we live in -- the more evident it became that He -- let's call him God -- really does exist. This link from the Florida State University puts everything into the proper perspective...  (takes a while to load)

Why did I return to the church?

More Evidence - 15 Famous Scientists

Famous Last Words

So what do I believe?

What do I believe about sin?

My Goal as a Christian

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