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Last Update:   24 June 2018

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Why did I return to the church?

For a very simple reason
– I saw God’s love demonstrated by a selfless group of single young people who were serious about their faith.

They were on a ski retreat at Beech Mountain, North Carolina, and I was invited to go along by a southerner named Billy-Jack, who asked me if I could be the ski instructor during the retreat. Generally speaking, they learned well. We spent 3 days on that mountain, but not one of them was really interested in learning about all the technical aspects of skiing. They just wanted to be together to talk about God and the bible.

At first, I thought they were all missing a few “brain cells” or that maybe they were a bit “loony”. But, after a few discussions with them, I realized that they were dead serious about living a selfless life – and they proved to me that it was possible.

I also learned that they did not allow the behavior of “other people” to affect their attitudes about God as was my previous inclination. They were only concerned with living a Christian life – and behaving as God wanted them to behave.

....And they were enjoying it.

That was the first step in the return to my belief in God.

Another IMPORTANT Reason

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