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83a Ferry to Spain

Vila Real de San Antonio Boat Dock
Getting Ready to Cross the Rio Guadiana to Spain

83c Ferry to Spain
83e National Park on the way to Isla Cristina

Natural Park on a Bike Trail

085 SP Nat Park DSC09275
084 SP Don Trumpet DSC09274
84c Salt
85b Isla Cristina Boat
84d Bike Trail in Isla Cristina

I was surprised to find bike trails literally everywhere in the city of Isla Cristina.

086 Isla Cristina Tent DSC09276

My Tent - the Only Tent in a 4-Star Camping Area

088 Isla Cristina Beach flower DSC09278

Thousands of these Flowers were on the Beach

98 Sailors Monument Isla Cristina 1917 DSC09288

Sailors’ Monument in Isla Cristina

99 Sailors Monument DSC09289
101 DSC09294

Antilla - Someone’s Dream of a Vacaion Home

102 DSC09295

This was the only building in town that was visited by the local people, who were busy getting ready for the onslaught of tourists.

83b Ferry to Spain

Ferry from Vila Real, Portugal, to Ayamonte, Spain

83d Ayamonte Bike Trail with oranges

Bike Trail in Ayamonte, Spain

84a Wet bike trail in Spain

The Bike Trail was Wet in Spots

After crossing the river into Spain, I rode about 10 miles and found myself right smack dab in the middle of a National Park that was filled with birds. In the distance, you can see the town of Isla Cristina. I was getting tired, so I decided to put out my trumpet. My what? Yep, my trumpet - a lightweight pocket trumpet that I decided to take with me because I need to keep my lip in shape for a workshop that is coming up in March. If you don’t practice regularly, your lip muscles begin to deteriorate. So here I am playing the trumpet for  the birds. Of course they loved it. :-)

84b Rusty Water tank
95 Bridge to Isla Cristina DSC09285
96 BRidge to Isla Cristina DSC09286

Crossing into Isla Cristina

85c Antonio and Jorge

Good Discussion with Jorge & Antonio

089 Isla Cristina Beach couple DSC09279

Blue on Blue - The Beach at Isla Cristina

093 Isla Cristina Beach walkway DSC09283

Beach Promenade

092 Isla Cristina Beach walkway DSC09282
94 Boats at low tide DSC09284

Boats at Low Tide

97 Boats at low tide DSC09287
100 Lunchtime in the woods DSC09290

Lunch Time on the Trail   -   Sitting in the Sunshine!

103 DSC09296

But Alas! The rest of the town was a ghost town, only occupied when the tourists came during the warm season!


From here, I attempted to climb the hills to the next two cities, Lepe and Cartaya, but my lung was too weak to continue. My lung capacity at 40% I decided to stay in a hotel for two nights then return to Portugal where the land is more flat.

The next day, I headed back to Isla Cristina, stayed one night at the campground and then crossed the border the next day back into Portugal. Instead of staying in Monte Gordo (Fat Mountain), I took the next train back to Olhao where I oringally started my trip.

Next Stop - Faro in Portugal!

Portugal 2018 - Time Out from the Routine

Isla Cristina - Spanish Beach Resort

Island of Armona Portugal

Monte Gordo - Portuguese Town on Spanish Border

Back to Portugal - Day Trip to Faro

Last 2 Weeks in Olhao - then Hospitalized

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