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Last Update:  4 February 2018

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013 Olhao marina
003 olhao camping

Rainy Day in Portugal

008 football

Rainy Day Activity for Camp Residents in the Pub - Watching Soccer

011 Portuguese home

The 2nd Day - The sun is never far away in Portugal.

012 Olhao marina
016 Olhao Downtown
018 Olhao Downtown
020 Olhao Downtown
022 Olhao Downtown
024 Olhao Grafitti
029 Legend of Arraul
028 Olhao Catheedral

Olhao City Cathedral - Always in the Center of Town

031 Olhao Promenade Colorful bench

Colorful Benches with Ceramic Artistry Line the Promenade

033 Olhao Promenade Colorful bench

Time to take a break from the everyday routine, I decided to take a trip to Portugal. First stop, Faro, then a taxi to Olhao camping, where I spent a week to get over a flu, that had debilitated me since Christmas. I packed the panniers in our guest room at home, wondered whether I should really take this trip. Of course, the itchy feet syndrome took over and here I am.

000 Olhao DSC09149
009 My campsite

My Home for the Next Few Weeks

010 cactus fence

Short Bike Trip - Who needs a fence when you have cactuses?

014 Olhao marina

Olhao Marina

015 Olhao marina

In the city, street artists were given the freedom to convert their graffiti into art by painting scenes on the walls of the city building from the way life used to be in this once small fishing village.

017 Olhao Downtown
019 Olhao Downtown
021 Olhao Downtown
023 Olhao Graffitti

Typical Graffiti is Painted on the Walls of Crumbling Buildings in Olhao

Bigger than Life - 3-Meter High Statue of Legendary Arraul, Founder of Olhao and Creator of the Infamous Outer Islands Separated from the Mainland by the Rio Formosa

030 Arraul
027 Olhao Community Building

Community Building - The Christmas Decorations Stay up Until the 2nd Week of February in Portugal

035 Olhao Promenade Marina Restaurang

Olhao Marina Cafe on the Promenade

032 Olhao Promenade Colorful bench
034 Olhao Promenade Colorful bench
037 Olhao Promenade
041 Olhao fisherman
042 Olhao kayak
043 Olhao boats
040 Olhao clam seeker
050 Olhao Sunset

Mud Flats Filled with Portuguese Searching for Clams

As the sun sets in Olhao, I am curious as to what adventures the next day will bring.

Click HERE to continue on to Monte Gordo on the River that is the border between Portugal and Spain.

046 Olhao boats
039 Olhao clam seeker

Happy Clammer Bringing His Find to the Shore

049 Olhao Sunset

Imagine a Plate of Fresh Steamed Clams for Dinner

054 Olhao Sunset

Portugal 2018 - Time Out from the Routine

Isla Cristina - Spanish Beach Resort

Island of Armona Portugal

Monte Gordo - Portuguese Town on Spanish Border

Back to Portugal - Day Trip to Faro

Last 2 Weeks in Olhao - then Hospitalized

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