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Last Update:  4 February 2018

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DSC09392 Seagull

Jonathan - At the Harbor 200 Meters from my Hotel

DSC09417 boat in still water

Suddenly - Still Water on a Very Windy Day

The train conductor found me on the floor of the bike compartment to the right, too weak to stand up.... More about that when I have time to explain.

1 underconstruction

Olhao - An Interesting City

The last two weeks of my trip to Portugal were puzzling to me. With a severe cramp-like pain in my right leg and shortness of breath, I decided to check into a hotel. The weather was about 12 degrees below normal for that time of year and I was freezing in my tent at night. Later, the pain became so bad that I decided to fly home and see a doctor. More about that at the bottom of this page.

The hotel itself was very clean and excellently located about 200 yards from the ocean. Rooms on the bottom floor each had 4 beds in them and were listed as a hostel at 18€ per night. Perfect. I only had 1 roommate for one night and a Finnish gentleman for the last night there. .

DSC09413 ecovia bike

The Ecovia Bike Trail - Along Much of the Algarve Coast

DSC09505 bike compartment

My Last Train Ride in Portugal

Portugal 2018 - Time Out from the Routine

Isla Cristina - Spanish Beach Resort

Island of Armona Portugal

Monte Gordo - Portuguese Town on Spanish Border

Back to Portugal - Day Trip to Faro

Last 2 Weeks in Olhao - then Hospitalized

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