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Last Update:  9 March 2018

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FARO - A New Experience

104 Olhao DSC09310

What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night with the shakes, an upset stomach and an overwhelming desire to go to the toilet? Right, you crawl out of your freezing tent and walk to the heatless sanitary facility and make a decision. NO MORE NIGHTS LIKE THIS ONE. The goatherder below was the last person I saw at the campsite before moving into a hotel just down the road from the campsite - The Ocean Oasis Hotel.

105 Olhao DSC09311
107 Olhao DSC09324
106 Olhao DSC09321
108 Faro DSC09325

Feeling better the next day, I got on the train and headed for Faro, the city where I landed on the airplane.

109 Faro DSC09326

The owner of this boat was 93 years old - a fast boat for an old guy who still loves to fish.

110 Faro DSC09327

I wonder if the capsized boat once belonged to him.

112 Faro DSC09330

That’s his house - with the clothes hanging on the line.

111 Faro DSC09328

A View to the City of Faro behind My Bike

113 Faro DSC09331

Yes! Those Millstones are for Real.

114 Faro DSC09332

In the distance, you can see airplanes at the airport.

117 Faro DSC09335

I sat here for a while and enjoyed the sunshine.

118 Faro DSC09336

In a country that some Americans think is backward, a lesson can be learned from this modern bicycle trail that is being built from the Spanish border to the Atlantic Coast in the far west of the country - the Eco Via.

When a building is abandoned, the artists take over!

121 Faro DSC09341
120 Faro DSC09340

Meanwhile, back in town, the automobile club displays its wares.

119 Faro DSC09338
129 Faro DSC09355
124 Faro DSC09349

Stork’s Nest on a Church Steeple

123 Faro DSC09348

I never understood why male birds are beautiful
and the females are always ugly.

126 Faro DSC09351
131 Faro DSC09357

Right! This is the church with the stork’s nest on top.

132 Faro DSC09360

Amazing Artwork on a Building
Note the sign at bottom left -“Old House Barbeque Grill”

136 Faro DSC09365
138 Faro DSC09367

I was quite warm at 22 degrees, but for these dogs?

140 Faro DSC09369
142 Faro DSC09372

The Portuguese like Blue and Yellow

146 Faro DSC09375

One Last Walk Along the Sea before I Return to My Room

147 Faro DSC09377

When I called to the cat, it looked at me,
closed its eyes, and began to purr!

144 Faro DSC09374
127 Faro DSC09352
128 Faro DSC09354
134 Faro DSC09363
135 Faro DSC09364

Pedestrian Zone

137 Faro DSC09366
139 Faro DSC09368

Entrance to Pedestrian Zone

141 Faro DSC09370

Typical Cafe

143 Faro DSC09373

A Shop that My Wife Would Love

145 Faro DSC09376
148 Faro DSC09378

What will tomorrow bring?

Another new adventure, of course!

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Isla Cristina - Spanish Beach Resort

Island of Armona Portugal

Monte Gordo - Portuguese Town on Spanish Border

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