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Last Update:  4 February 2018

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055 PT Olhao Market Building in Marina - DSC02246_1

The best of plans can change in a heartbeat. The trip to Armona was cancelled because the police decided to no longer allow bicycles to go to the island. No great loss. I packed my tent and bags onto my bike and hopped the train to the border of Spain. Why not? I need to  brush up on my Spanish, so this is the opportunity.

056 Olhao Train Station

Train Station in Olhao

060 MG River betw Portugal and Spain
065 MG Boule
067 MG ecovia DSC09227
069 MG beach
071 MG beach
073 MG bike on walkway to east
076 MG beach at sunset to East
079 MG Sunset
058 MG ferry to Spain

Tomorrow, I will  pass this lighthouse in Vila Real de San Antonio and get on the ferry above to Spain. From Ayamonte, the bike trail will take me to Isla Cristina

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The boat to Armona, one of the outer islands after crossing the Ria Formosa, is a large passenger ferry. Of course, you can also take the taxi boat from Olhao, but compare 25€ with 1,85€ and I prefer the ferry.

057 PT Taxi in Olhao - DSC02248_1
059 MG Ayamonte

40 Minutes on the train and I was looking across the border to Ayamonte in Spain. But hold your horses. I think I will rest here for 3 days to soak up some sunshine.

064 MG Boule

Monte Gordo is a winter retreat town for retirees from England, Holland, France, Germany and colder regions to the north. Why? It is inexpensive and one of the warmest sunniest towns in continental Europe in the winter. It is a man-made town without character or history, but no one here cares. They just want to see the sunshine - and there is plenty of that.

066 MG ecovia
068 cabeca beach
070 MG beach
072 MG bike on walkway
074 MG bike w promenade
077 MG beach with dog
083 MG sunset sliver
063 Vila Real LIghrhouse

Portugal 2018 - Time Out from the Routine

Isla Cristina - Spanish Beach Resort

Island of Armona Portugal

Monte Gordo - Portuguese Town on Spanish Border

Back to Portugal - Day Trip to Faro

Last 2 Weeks in Olhao - then Hospitalized

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