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042 Road north DSC02279_1
045 Amad BEach DSC02283_1
051 Amad Beach DSC02292_1
052 Lunch DSC02295_1


054 Odeceixe, Portugal DSC02302_1

Odeceixe Portugal

056 Stork DSC02306_1
057 Stork DSC02308_1
059 Blue DSC02312_1
062 DSC02316_1
061 Eucalyptus camp DSC02313_1
066 Cork DSC02320_1
068 Cork DSC02323_1
071 Setubal DSC02330_1

It was a long way across the bay to Setubal. I took the Ferry then headed to a campsite that was closed. Tired and exhausted beyond my limit, I talked with a man who offered to rent me a small vacation apartment on top of the mountain. I didn’t care what it cost. I rested 2 days before continuing on to Lisbon.

I had wanted to ride the coast of Portugal north for several years, but never had the opportunity. Now was my chance.

044 Amad Beach
047 Amad Beach DSC02285_1

First Stop - Amad Beach

050 Amad Beach DSC02290_1
053 Windmill DSC02297_1
055 Odeceixe, Portugal DSC02303_1
058 Marshmallows DSC02310_1

Marshmallow Field

060 Portuguese Lunch (2)

Lunch with Soup, Dessert, Wine - 4,50 €

065 DSC02318_1

Trail to Eucalyptus Campsite

067 Cork DSC02322_1

Cork Trees

069 Torre DSC02325_1
070 Setubal DSC02328_1

Arriving in Portugal - Then to Sagres

Porto - My Favorite City in Portugal

From Sagres Heading North to Porto

The Beaches near Porto

Lisbon - The City of Seven Hills

From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

Between Lisbon and Porto


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