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From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

002 Pto-Spain DSC02681_1
005 Pto-Spain DSC02683_1
008 Pto-Spain DSC02686_1
011 Pto-Spain DSC02692_1
013 Pto-Spain DSC02696_1

Note the Windmills along this Stretch of the Coastline

018 Pto-Spain DSC02703_1

This Imposing Chapel stool atop a hill across the river from Viano do Castello.

021 Viano do Castelo DSC02706_1
022 Viano do Castelo DSC02707_1
026 Pto-Spain DSC02711_1
029 Viano do Castelo DSC02714_1
034 Viano do Castelo  DSC02725_1
037 Viano do Castelo DSC02728_1
039 Viano do Castelo DSC02730_1
041 Pto-Spain DSC02735_1
043 Pto-Spain DSC02738_1
050 Pto-Spain DSC02745_1
055 Pto-Spain DSC02750_1

A highlight at any camping place -
the children.

057 Pto-Spain DSC02752_1
058 Viano do Castelo DSC02753_1

Viana do Castelo - The Castle

073 Pto-Spain DSC02758_1

First Sight of Spain - the Tall Mountain in the Distance

079 Caminha DSC02764_1

Caminha is the last town in Portugal

085 Pto-Spain DSC02770_1

Caminha Downtown. The tourists eat outside for about
12,50€ per plate + 3€ for a glass of wine.

But, just around the corner, only 20 meters into a small side street, you can get a full meal with soup and salad for only
4,50€. This was my lunch and the wine was included free of charge. It always pays to go where the locals go.

116 Pto-Spain Lunch

You can’t expect too much atmosphere, and don’t be surprised if the soup is served in a tin bowl. An extra glass of wine probably won’t break you at 80 cents, but you will have to take a nap after lunch. That stuff is strong.

087 Pto-Spain DSC02772_1

I slept well that night and headed back to
Porto the next morning.

On the way back, Sergio waved to me to follow him. He said “Your water bottles are empty.”

But he gave me far more than water. Fresh fruit from his garden and a plate that was out of this world.

103 Pto-Spain Lunch1
001 Pto-Spain DSC02679_1
003 Pto-Spain DSC02682
006 Pto-Spain DSC02684_1
010 Pto-Spain DSC02690_1
012 Pto-Spain DSC02695_1
016 Pto-Spain DSC02701_1
019 Viano do Castelo DSC02704_1
025 Pto-Spain DSC02710_1
028 Viano do Castelo DSC02713_1
030 Viano do Castelo DSC02715_1

The view from the Chapel to Vila do Castelo was stunning.

032 Viano do Castelo  DSC02721_1
035 Pto-Spain DSC02726_1
038 Pto-Spain DSC02729_1
040 Pto-Spain DSC02734_1

My campsite was the most interesting I had seen.

113 Pto-Spain Zelt

Pheasants and Horses wandered freely among the tents.

045 Pto-Spain DSC02740_1
051 Pto-Spain DSC02746_1
053 Pto-Spain DSC02748_1

Yours Truly - Ready to Head North to the Spanish Border

060 Viano do Castelo DSC02755_1
059 Viano do Castelo DSC02754_1
077 Caminha DSC02762_1

The Minho River separates Spain and Portugal

080 Caminha DSC02765_1

Caminha Beach is filled with swimmers and hikers.

095 Pto-Spain Portuguese meal
118 Pto-Spain Lunch
115 Pto-Spain Lunch

Hey! I didn’t oder the extra plate. I must have looked hungry. I didn’t know that if you wipe your plate clean, the Portuguese will bring you more. Great fish!

120 Pto-Spain Sergio

I invited Sergio to visit me in Germany
and stay in our guest room. What Hospitality!

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From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

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