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020 PT walled city - DSC02241_1

2500 kilometers by car, and this is the first site I saw in Portugal.

002 PT Spain - DSC02199_1
009 PT Spain - DSC02221_1
007 PT Spain - DSC02219_1
010 PT Rio Guadiana - DSC02226_1

Border to Spain & Portugal

012 PT Rio Guadiana - DSC02230_1
014 PT Spain Rio Guadiana - DSC02233_1
016 PT Portugal Sign - DSC02237_1
017 PT View into Spain across the Rio Guadiana - DSC02238_1
018 PT Portugues Smokestacks - DSC02239_1

Icon of the Portuguese - Competition with Smokestacks

021 PT Rio Guadiana - DSC02243_1
027 Storch DSC02257_1
029 Olhao Fish Restaurant

Mom & Pop Fish Restaurant

032 Sagres Hafen DSC02263_1

Sagres Harbor

033 Sagres Hafen DSC02266_1
037 Sagres Apartment DSC02270_1
036 Sagres Apt DSC02269_1

Not a Normal Trip

This was my frist trip out of Germany with an E-Bike

My son, Christian, wanted to check out the surf on the coast of Portugal and I wanted to ride my bike form the southern coast to the border of Spain in the north.

004 PT Spain - DSC02211_1
006 PT Spain - DSC02218_1
008 PT Spain - DSC02220_1
003 PT Spain - DSC02205_1
011 PT Rio Guadiana - DSC02227_1
013 PT Rio Guadiana - DSC02231_1
015 PT Spain Castle - DSC02235_1
019 PT walled city - DSC02240_1
026 Pfau DSC02251_1

Feathered Friends in Faro - Near the Airport

028 Faro shopping mall DSC02258_1

Shopping Mall in Faro

030 Fish Plate Olhao Portugal

All I Could Eat for 5 Euros

031 Portugal Sagres Lunch Chris & Friends

My Son, Chris; & Friends

034 Sagres Hafen DSC02267_1
035 Sagres Apartment DSC02268_1

Apartment in Sagres

038 Sagres Apartment DSC02272_1

I Left Chris Here and Headed North on my Bike

Arriving in Portugal - Then to Sagres

Porto - My Favorite City in Portugal

From Sagres Heading North to Porto

The Beaches near Porto

Lisbon - The City of Seven Hills

From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

Between Lisbon and Porto


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