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Porto - My Favorite City in Portugal

002 Porto DSC02494_2

Looking to the City of Porto

004 Porto DSC02497_2
006 Porto DSC02500_1
008 Porto DSC02502_1

Looking for a bike shop, I went into a bookstore here.

013 Porto WP_20160701_10_59_59_Pro

I was surprised to find this fully modern shop with everything I needed.

024 Porto DSC02503_1

Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

026 Porto DSC02506_1
028 Porto DSC02510_1
030 Porto DSC02513_1
032 Porto DSC02518_1
037 Porto DSC02528_1

Meanwhile, Back in the Center of Porto

039 Porto 2_1

Too Bad that My Pictures of Chris and Friends was Lost. They were hanging upside down on this Artwork!

041 Porto DSC02536_1 (2)
043 Porto DSC02539_1
035 Porto DSC02526_1

Just Across the Street from the Park!

Igreja dos Clérigos

022 Porto Porto Igreja dos Clérigos 1
023 Porto Porto Igreja dos Clérigos 2

The Igreja dos Clérigos is so tall that it is difficult to get onto one photograph except from a distance. And yes, you can climb to the top. I’ll never do that again.

044 Porto DSC02542_1
047 Porto DSC02545_1
050 Porto DSC02553_1
053 Porto DSC02556_1
057 Porto DSC02562_1
051 Porto DSC02554_1
054 Porto DSC02558_1

You can Watch the European Soccer Championships in the Middle of Porto!

056 Porto DSC02561_1
058 Porto DSC02563_1
003 Porto DSC02495_2

Looking Out to Sea

005 Porto DSC02498_1
007 Porto DSC02501_1
011 Porto Porto Bike Shop

Why a bike shop? My hydraulic brakes failed.

016 Porto Bike Shop 2

Smiling to learn they had the parts I needed.

018 Porto Palacio de Cristal

The Crystal Palace Gardens

The Palacio de Cristal is nice if you want to walk in a green place and see a great view to the Douro River. The building itself isn’t worth seeing.

025 Porto DSC02504_1
027 Porto DSC02508_1
029 Porto DSC02511_1
031 Porto DSC02516_1
033 Porto DSC02522_1
038 Porto DSC02531_1
040 Porto DSC02535_1
042 Porto DSC02538_1

For such small trees, the trunks are quite amazing.

036 Porto DSC02527_1
020 Porto Mercado Ferreira Borges
101 Lisbon Cafe near Igreja dos Clérigos 2 (2)
045 Porto DSC02543_1
048 Porto DSC02548_1
046 Porto DSC02544_1

Porto - City of Church Towers

049 Porto DSC02550_1
052 Porto DSC02555_1
055 Porto DSC02560_1
059 Porto DSC02565_1
060 Porto DSC02566_1


062 Porto DSC02569_1
064 Porto DSC02571
063 Porto DSC02570
067 Porto DSC02575_1
065 Porto DSC02572_1 066 Porto DSC02574_1
069 Porto DSC02577_1
070 Porto DSC02580_1
068 Porto DSC02576_1
076 Porto DSC02586_1

What is the key item that marks Porto?
Port Wine. So the producers advertise!

072 Porto DSC02582_1
071 Porto DSC02581_1
074 Porto DSC02584_1
073 Porto DSC02583_1
077 Porto DSC02587_1
078 Porto DSC02588_1
079 Porto DSC02590_1
080 Porto DSC02591_1
081 Porto DSC02592_1
084 Porto DSC02596_1
082 Porto DSC02594_1
086 Porto DSC02600_1
089 Porto WP_20160701_15_44_11_Pro
087 Porto DSC02601_1
090 Porto DSC02607_1
091 Porto DSC02609_1
088 Porto WP_20160701_15_44_06_Pro
092 Porto DSC02676_1
093 Porto WP_20160705_18_34_42_Pro
094 Porto BEach
095 Porto Beach

The Best Beaches are only minutes from Porto!

097 Porto Beach
098 Porto Beach
100 Porto Sunset 2
101 Porto Soccer

Germany vs. France in the European Championship

Who won? France, but were they the better team? No way!

102 Porto Sunset 3
104 Porto Sunset 5 (2)
105 Porto Chris

Christian, my son, and his friend.

106 Porto DSC02782
107 Porto DSC02783_1
108 Porto DSC02784_1
111 Porto DSC02787_1

Right in the middle of downtown Porto, there is an indoor marketplace. You can buy anything you can imagine there and never worry about the rain.

109 Porto DSC02785_1
117 Porto DSC02800_1
119 Porto DSC02803_1
112 Porto DSC02788
120 Porto DSC02806_1
118 Porto DSC02802_1

Best deal in the marketplace?
Squid for only 2€ per kilogram.

123 Porto DSC02809_1
122 Porto DSC02808_1
126 Porto Lunch
121 Porto Lunch

A Complete Meal for about 5 Euros!

127 Porto Menu

After lunch, a bit of exercise to help settle the food.


Next Stop - Heading North of Porto to the Spanish Border

128 Porto Lunch

To the left - The menu that was given to us!

125 Porto DSC02813_1

Arriving in Portugal - Then to Sagres

Porto - My Favorite City in Portugal

From Sagres Heading North to Porto

The Beaches near Porto

Lisbon - The City of Seven Hills

From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

Between Lisbon and Porto


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