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Lisbon - The City of Seven Hills

072 Lisbon DSC02337_1
073 Lisbon DSC02338_1
074 Lisbon DSC02342_1
075 Lisbon DSC02344_1
076 Lisbon DSC02346_1
077 Lisbon DSC02347_1
078 Lisbon DSC02348_1
079 Lisbon DSC02349_1
080 Lisbon DSC02350_1
081 Lisbon DSC02351_1
082 Lisbon DSC02352_1
083 Lisbon DSC02353_1
084 Lisbon DSC02355_1
085 Lisbon DSC02356_1
086 Lisbon DSC02357_1
088 Lisbon DSC02359_1 089 Lisbon DSC02363_1
087 Lisbon DSC02358_1
091 Lisbon DSC02366_1
090 Lisbon DSC02365_1
092 Lisbon DSC02367_1
094 Lisbon DSC02372
099 Lisbon DSC02380
104 Lisbon DSC02385_1
106 Lisbon DSC02387_1
110 Lisbon DSC02392_1
113 Lisbon DSC02397_1
115 Lisbon DSC02405_1
118 Lisbon DSC02423_1

Traffic Cloverleaf North of Lisbon - Sure, why not? Stop and take a walk, have a picnic. Enjoy the flowers.

Leaving Lisbon

102 Lisbon DSC02383_1
103 Lisbon DSC02384_1
105 Lisbon DSC02386_1
107 Lisbon DSC02388_1
108 Lisbon DSC02390_1
112 Lisbon DSC02396_1
111 Lisbon DSC02395_1
116 Lisbon DSC02407_1
117 Lisbon DSC02411_1

Arriving in Portugal - Then to Sagres

Porto - My Favorite City in Portugal

From Sagres Heading North to Porto

The Beaches near Porto

Lisbon - The City of Seven Hills

From Porto Along the Coast Northward to Spain

Between Lisbon and Porto


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