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Freiburg to My Home

P1000329 Tilmann

Digging Asparagus in a Field near Freiburg

P1000323 back to the future

Tillmann Waldthaler’s Bicycle at the Presentation

P1000333 Mistletoe on Tree

Misteltoe along the French Side of the Rhine River

P1000345 Swans Fighting

Swans Fighting

P1000347 Sunrise over Rhine River

Rhine River at Sunrise

P1000365 Swans

Swans at Peace - Above and Right

Ready to Roll After Taking Down my Tent - Below

So who is the guy with the fluffy beard? That is the man who motivated me to begin touring on a bicycle - Tilmann Waldthaler.

In 2005, a friend of mine, Uli Rohleder, handed me a book and said, “I think you might like to read this.” It was a book written by Tilmann about touring with a bicycle.Back then, I weighed about 40 pounds more than I do now; I had high blood pressure and diabetes. I decided to try out touring on a bicycle and have been doing it ever since. It improved my health considerably and gave me a new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. 

Finally, in 2011, I met Tilmann at a presentation he was giving at a town next to the Kaiserstuhl near Freiburg in the Black Forest of Germany. He’s a really great guy with 450,000 kilometers experience in cycle touring.

Click the picture to go to Tilman Waldthaler’s Website.

Since this trip was a whirlwind trip to attend a presentation about Tilmann’s adventures, I will only show a few of the more interesting nature photographs I took on this short 480-kilometer trip.

A Park in Freiburg - Looking at a Chestnut Tree


Cherry Blossoms across the Border in France

P1000331 Museum in France

Museum in France

P1000334 Allee in France

Typical Allee in France

P1000337 Swan on Nest

Swan on Nest near Strasbourg, France

P1000348 Swans ready to fight

Swans Getting Ready to Fight

P1000360 Swans at sunrise
P1000364 Swans
P1000353 Bike at Sunrise on Rhine
P1000373 Grey Geese with Chicks

Grey Geese and Goslings

P1000376 French Dry River
P1000383 Swans flying low
P1000387 French Museum

Museum in France

P1000391 Approaching Strasbourg France
P1000372 Kids on Bridge France

French Kids on Bridge

P1000397 American House in Germany

An American Lives in this House

P1000402 Cherry Trees Blooming
P1000403 Melibokus

My house is behind this mountain.

P1000366 Rhine River route
P1000375 Rhine Traffic
P1000377 France Dry River at sunset
P1000384 Swans Landing
P1000388 French Village

Small Village in France

P1000392 Strasbourg France

Garden in Strasbourg France - Above and Below

P1000393 Strasbourg France
P1000396 Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Germany

P1000400 SAP Star Building 2

When I started working at this company there were only 2500 employees.
Now there are 55,000!


It looks like I need to mow the lawn at my home
before the dandelions take over the premesis!

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