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Last Update:  20 August 2015

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Fund-Raising Cycling Tour to Support Refugees Who were Left Homeless by Terrorists              Donations $728        Thanks so much to those of you who have donated!
Kilometers Traveled:   2641 km


USA mit Indiana

Landing in Chicago, Illinois, on 19 May, 2015, my son, Chris, and I set out on a cycling trip through the state of Indiana to raise funds that will go to refugees from Iraq and Syria in refugee camps and churches in Jordan and Lebanon. Why Indiana? I was born and raised there and would like to visit my old home and relatives. It is also a back-to-the-roots trip for my son, who last saw a few of his relatives there when he was only a young boy. Chris was born and raised in Germany. Now he is 25 and plans to get his Masters Degree in the USA soon. This is a chance for him to see our American family and look into opportunities for his continued university studies. Chris spent one year in Myanmar with a Christian organization teaching young people how to speak English. He considers it an honor to support children and families from foreign countries who would otherwise have a difficult life without our help.

Every penny you donate will go directly to them for clothing, food, shelter and medical help - with nothing deducted for administrative costs - because it goes directly through churches already in place.

This cycling trip is not really for me, but for people in need.

Please help them with your donation!

Syrian Refugees

These kids - homeless because of terrorists in the Middle East -
need your help.

Don Prep for ISIS Trip

Don - Preparing for the Tour

To donate by check in the USA, send your check to.

Don Feidner
Barry Stover Agency/Nationwide Insurance.
5150 Stilesboro Rd. Auite 310. Kennesaw Ga. 30152

and include the remark “FOR REFUGEES”

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt by the end of the year.

don chris P1270304

Don and Chris - Ready to Get on the Plane to Chicago

Part 1 - Chicago to Kokomo and Mt Olympus - The Feightners

My Dad’s Side of the Family 
May 19 to June 1

Part 2 - Southern Indiana and the Lincoln Boyhood Home

On the Road to the McCarty Reunion
June 2 to June 5

Part 3 - The McCarty Family Reunion

My Mom’s Side of the Family 
June 6 and 7

Part 4 - The Regress

Return to Chicago
June 7 to June 18

Part 5 - Dresden to Pretsch

Part 6 - Pretsch to Magdeburg

Part 7 - Magdeburg to Havelberg

Part 8 - Havelberg to Hamburg

Official Letter from the organization we are supporting.

Alliance Letter Top1
Alliance Letter Middle
Alliance Letter Bottom
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