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22-29 April - Week 2

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APRIL 2006



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22 Apr

Highlight of the week - I fell in love with Anja, soon to be five years old, at the camping place in St.Arnual near Saarbrücken. Very mature for her age, Anja was a delightful young lady who loved to play memory - so we did. 


11 km from Bitsche, a city in France with a monumental fortress. Since I visited the fortress a few years ago, I decided to continue on to Saarbrücken. 



23 Apr

Wild Boar - Wildschwein

Ihn is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It means “him.” I wonder if there is a town called “her” somewhere.

A local resident here told me that this area is the “Arsch der Erde” (asshole of the earth) but it isn’t true. I’ve seen much less desirable places during my lifetime.

Die Geschwister von diesem Kerl haben mich die ganze Nacht immer wieder geweckt.

The brothers and sisters of this little guy kept me awake half the night! They were making a lot of grunting noises while looking for food near my tent.


Leidingen - Town split in two - French on the West and German on the East

French Church                     German Church


24 Apr

Saarschleife - Loop in the Saar River
Ohrscholz - Saarschleife

Das habe ich vor 20 Jahren gesehen. Immer noch super schön.

I saw this loop in the Saar river 20 years ago. It is still impressive.


It was a special treat as this barge loaded with coal came chugging through the loop.


25 Apr

Vinyards in Germany
Rheinland Platinate


Vinyards in Luxemburg


26 Apr

Magnolias in Bloom - Bollendorf


Bollendorf - Mühle - Mill


27 Apr

Huts in the Forest near Irrel


       Echternach - View from my tent


28 Apr

Relaxing in Diekirch


Clowning around in Ettelbrück

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