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The greatest trip of my life began at my home and ended at my home, and I pedaled every inch of the way without being picked up by a truck along the way. But I waited until my father-in-law’s 86th birthday to begin the trip. My first stop - where else? His home. 

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Die grösste und längste Reise meines Lebens fing bei mir zu hause an und endete auch dort. Jeden Zentimeter radelte ich ohne irgendwo mitgenommen zu werden. Aber ich wartete bis zum 86. Geburtstag meines Schwiegervaters anzufangen. Der erste Stop - wo denn sonst? Bei Ihm zuhause.

APRIL 2006



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16 Apr

Father-in-Law’s Birthday
Beim Schwiegervater an seinem Geburtstag

Ostersonntag - Easter Sunday
Langen - near Frankfurt


86 years old and still fit as a fiddle
86 Jahre alt und immer noch fit


17 Apr

Saying Goodbye at the Airport


First night in a tent. (Erste Nacht zelten)
I was never picky! (Pingelig war ich nie!)
Where do you sleep when you are tired and can’t go any further? Anywhere you can put up your tent. Any other day, I could have ridden much further, but I was tired from all the preparations during the previous days. When I arrived at this quiet glen in a forest near Heppenheim, I fixed my evening meal and as it began to get dark, I put up my tent and went to bed early.

Wo schläft man, wenn man nicht mehr weiter kann? Wo denn sonst, da wo Du bist. An einem normalen Tag hätte ich viel weiter fahren können, aber ich war müde von den ganzen Vorbereitungen. Als ich diese leise Lichtung im Wald in der Nähe von Heppenheim fand, habe ich mein Abendbrot gemacht. Als es anfing dunkel zu werden, habe ich mein Zelt einfach da aufgeschlagen und schlief schnell ein.


18 Apr

Thinker in Ladenburg


Ladenburg Marktplatz
The first day, I rode alone.

Am ersten Tag bin ich allein geradelt.


19 Apr

Asparagus Field - Spargelfeld
SAP - Rot to Karlsruhe


My office at SAP - Chance to say Goodbye to my colleagues and turn in my badge.
Eating out with Ian and Eleanor at Da Silvano


20 Apr

René & Annette Bacher
Karlsruhe to Neuburg am Rhein

René Bacher, a long-time colleague and working partner at SAP, and his lovely wife Annette joined me during the first official week of the trip -- official because the real starting and ending point is a town called Neuburg on the Rhine River -- the same city on the French border where I will head inland near the end of the trip to return to my home in the Oden Forest.


René and Annette on the west side of the Rhine


20 Apr

Official Starting Point on the French Border - Neuburg


Wissembourg, France


21 Apr

Springtime in Wissembourg


Dahnerfelsenland is a Wundertüte for nature lovers. Cliffs and balanced rocks and a favorite place for tourists.


22 Apr

Asking Directions

I decided to take a short trip into France. This day I spent mostly with Dieter from Neunkirchen, a fellow bike-rider who went on a 3000 km trip to Spain two years ago.


Dieter - Alkoholfrei bitte!

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