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11-17 June - Week 9

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June 2006



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11 June

Wessie Beach

Ossie Beach

On the left, Travemünde on the West German side of the canal. On the right, the former East German beach. This is quite a contrast and makes me wonder if the freedom of the East Germans made a difference in their economy.

Later, I found some beaches that were more similar to West German standards. Quite honestly, I like the more natural beaches better.


12 June

Where’s my Beer?

This lonely beach was only visited by a few people. The man with the beer belly in contrast to the graceful swans in the background caught my eye.

Wismar - Lovely City on the Baltic

Thirty kilometers further I entered the beautiful city of Wismar. This kind of architecture was the first I’ve ever seen of its type. The people were friendly and the city was interesting to visit.

Later in the day, I traveled 20 kilometers further to the Island of Poel. 


13 June

Quiet Beach on the North Side of Poel

After arriving on the Island of Poel, I realized that I had practically no energy at all. A lung function test showed that my old plague had struck again. I had been struggling with sinusitus for a few days anyway, but it dropped into my lungs as a full-blown infection and reduced my capacity to breathe to only 50%. Time for antibiotics and rest as has happened so many times before.

The Old Plague Strikes Again

Luckily, some friends of our family have a vacation apartment on the island that was available and they allowed me to stay there until I was healthy again. It looks like my guardian angel was at work again. In any case, the apartment was an answer to prayer.


14 June

Kids on Vacation

Poel Beach


15 June

Funck Garden

This day, I stayed in my “Krankenlager” at the small apartment in Timmendorf. My lungs keep dropping below 50% and it is painful to breathe. Patience Don, patience.

Funck Garden


16 June

Harbor in Kirchdorf on Poel

Still sick, I rode the bike into Kirchdorf for provisions today. The harbor in Kirchdorf is between the community center and the Kirche (the church). This view is from behind the church.


On the south end of the island, only 2 kilometers away, a farmer has brought hay to his animals. On the peninsula in the distance, you can see a herd of horses on the salt meadow.


17 June

Sunset near Timmendorf harbor. In the foreground, two swans are looking for food.

Timmendorf Harbor

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