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18-24 June - Week 10

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June 2006



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18 June

Pastor Dr. Grell and a few attendees at the Lutheren church on the Island of Poel. Poel is totally protestant. The only other church on the island is a Seventh Day Adventist church. The church from the early 13th Century is continuously under restoration, but because of its historical value, there has been much support from the state.

Dr. Grell is an American from Iowa who, after 26 years in Germany, speaks nearly perfect German. All the residents on the island speak well of him.

This was the first formal church service I visited since beginning my trip in April. I admit that I miss the closeness that is found in the church environment.


19 June

Poppies near Kühlungsborn

Finally healthy and back on the road again, this day took me north past Rerik, Ahrenshoop, Kühlungsborn and on to Zingst. The poppies were in full bloom and mixed in with wild orchids, mini-digitalis, and asters. On the right, the refurbished castle in Heiligendamm will be the temporary residence of President Bush when he visits Rostock and Stralsünd in July.

Heiligendamm - Castle Hotel

Endlich gesund, bin ich wieder auf dem Weg. Heute bin ich an Rerik, Ahrenshoop, Kühlungsborn vorbeigefahren und weiter nach Zingst. Die Mohnblumen haben überall geblküht und, zusammen mit wilde Orchideen, mini-Digitalis und Asterpflanzen, war dieses Foto (links) unwiderstehlich. Rechts sieht man die wiederkonstruierte Burg, wo President Bush übernachten wird, wenn er in Juli Rostock und Stralsünd besucht.


20 June

People with Clothes on the Right, Dogs on the Left Please

Normally, the sign would say “FKK” (Freikörperkultur = nude beach). This was the first sign that separated the dogs from people wearing textiles. :-) The truth is that most of the people on the left were indeed dogs -- blubber over blubber and ugly as sin. A few were lovely to behold.

Münster in Bad Doberan

The cathedral in Bad Doberan was a most interesting building. There were many restored buildings in this city, but the most beautiful were owned by the mayor, the police chief, and the doctors. Many homes stood empty with a “For Sale” sign in the front. Over 90 per cent of the people I met in this city did not smile when I greeted them. Obviously, many were jobless and others were below the poverty level.


21 June

Drs Kamintz

Why are two people the photo of the day? I’ve met many people on this trip that were very nice and I’ve met some that were unfriendly, but I’ve met very few that are in the “elite” group of people that have a healthy feeling of self-worth that are also well-educated, open, and can intelligently discuss topics that are outside their own area of expertise. Drs Kamintz, left a skin doctor, his wife a neurologist, were among the truly delightful I’ve met on this trip. I will be sure to include some of the “jewels” of our discussion in my book.

Darß Urwald

I was surprised to see the “Darss Jungle” - the first jungle in Germany that really looks like a jungle. Would you want to sleep in this woods at night? I didn’t.


22 June

Reiher - Blue Heron

This heron is no different from one that lives near my home in the Oden Forest. However, only two kilometers from here near Zingst Darss, I sighted a sea eagle, several wild pigs, a flock of Kiebitzes, but was unable to get a good photograph of any of them.

Stralsünd from Rügen

Stralsünd, the city on the right, taken from the Island of Rügen, is one of the two cities (also Rostock) that President Bush will visit when he comes to Germany next month. Stralsünd is a progressive city with many shops, cafes, successful businesses, and one of the largest multi-billion-dollar building projects in Germany -- a new bridge that connects the mainland with the Island of Rügen.


23 June


After leaving the island of Ummanz, I rode on to Hiddensee, an island I will never forget. I met a teacher and a hospital administrator, Anna and Manfred Manz, on the ferry to Hiddensee who talked to me about the island. For them, before the Berlin wall fell and East Germany became democratic, Hiddensee was a place of escape for them. They explained that when they got on the Ferry, East Germany was somehow left behind. Hiddensee is a favorite place for poets, painters and writers, among them, Gerhart Hauptmann, who lived during the literary romanticism period in Germany. For me, it was also a mysterious place where I would like to return someday.

Hiddensee Artist


24 June

Finally, I was able to sight a sea eagle very near the sign in the Jasmund National Forest below. The photo is a bit fuzzy, but that happens with digital zoom.

Endlich habe ich einen Seeadler fotographieren können. Dieser war in der Nähe von diesem Schild im National Park Jasmund.

From the lookout at Cape Arcona (Kap Arkona), two cormorans are spreading their wings and flapping their wingtips to declare their loving intentions.

This morning, I woke up at 4:07 a.m. hoping to see sights like these. It was worth it. 

Zwei Kormorane breiten ihre Flügel aus, um ihre Liebe, zu erklären. Unten sieht man die Klippe auf Kap Arkona, wo ich gestanden habe, als ich das Foto gemacht habe.

An diesem Morgen, bin ich um 4:07 aufgewacht, in der Hoffnung, solches zu erleben. Es war die Sache wert.

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