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7-13 May - Week 4

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MAY 2006



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7 May

near Brüggen

Brüggen - Today I made a round trip in this interesting region together with Silke Pollezek, a colleague from the office where I worked during the past several years. Silke surprised me by riding 74 kilometers in one day - keeping ahead of me most of the time. I guess when you’re 26 years younger, it’s easier to keep ahead. But let’s see if she can do it after my trip is over.

Tüchenbroicher-Mühle Lake


8 May

Kranenkirchen Double Mill


Outhouse ? or Rot Building 00

Sighted near the Dutch border


9 May

Dogs can read English in northern Germany
Im Norddeutschland können die Hunde englisch lesen

Windmill in Keeken in the North of Germany

I thought there were only windmills like this in Holland. Not true - I saw several in northern Germany. This is the most beautiful.

Ich dachte es gebe Windmühlen nur in Holland. Stimmt nicht! Ich habe mehrere in Norddeutschland gesehen. Diese ist die Schönste


10 May

Emmerich - Crossing the Rhine
Rhein überqueren bei Emmerich

Castle in Epe - Schloss in Epe

Near Nordhorn I took a shortcut through Holland to go around the male puzzle piece that protrudes into Holland. Mostly agricultural in nature, you can see the pictures from this extra tour below. Milk was available at every farmhouse. 


11 May

Near Getelo - nahe Getelo

Milk Wagon

Heede (Doerpen)

Hier sagt man “Moin!” morgens, mittags, und abends.


12 May

Biogas Facility

Heinz Hunfeld zeigte mir sein Biogasanlage. Hier wird Mais benützt um Methangas zu produzieren. Damit wird ein 800 PS Motor getrieben, der dann 500 Kilowatt Strom pro Tag produziert - genug Energie für 800 Häuser in der Region. Sein Vater erzählte mir, es gibt 300-400 solche Anlagen in Deutschland. Leider glaubt er nicht, das diese Anlagen Nuklear Energie ersetzen können.

Heinz Hunfeld gave me a tour of a highly sophisticated biogas facility where corn is used to produce methane gas which powers an 800 hp engine that produces 500 kilowatts of electricity per day -- energy sufficient for 800 homes in the region. His father told me that there are 300-400 such facilities in Germany. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe these facilities can replace nuclear energy.

Heinz Hunfeld in the Pump Room

1000 year old Linden Tree - Lindenbaum - 1000 Jahre alt
The width of this tree is twice as long as my bicycle.
Die Breite dieses Baums ist doppelt so lang wie mein Fahrrad.


13 May

Man with Dog , or is it Dog with Man?


I met Robert, my Dutch friend, this day in Doerpen, where the statues of men bargaining for a horse are found. Together, we rode to Bunde near the border to the Netherlands and to the west of Weener.

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