Detailed Plan

This is the detailed plan, but only the cities where main train stations are located are definite. The daily distance is listed in kilometers (Km) (1 km = .62 mile) and is the minimum distance I plan to travel before the day is done. This list includes the name of the person(s) traveling with me on this stretch, the main train stations with travel time from Frankfurt, Germany. Of course, you can also travel by car to the starting point or meet up with me wherever you like along the route.

The destination at the end of each day is normally near a city or town where it might be interesting to spend the evening after finding a place to stay. We may decide to ride even further or maybe even to another place before the day is done. In any case, you are the one to set the tempo -- I want you to enjoy your vacation time with me and not feel rushed. Your tempo is my tempo. (Nonetheless, I highly recommend that you get prepared a bit before you join me.)

What if I have to travel alone? Not a problem.

Dies ist der Plan in Detail, aber nur die Eisenbahnstationen sind fest. Der tägliche Entfernung Km is die minimum Entfernung, die ich an einem Tag hinterlegen möchte. In der Liste ist der Name der Person, die mit mir auf dieser Etappe begleitet. Natürlich kannst du auch gerne mit Auto kommen, und mich treffen wo du willst.

Normalerweise ist die am Ende des Tages angegebene Stadt oder Stelle, ein Ort, wo es vielleicht interessant wäre, den abend zu verbringen. Vielleicht werden wir entscheiden, weiter zu fahren, oder vielleicht ganz wo anders zu übernachten. Auf jeden Fall, darfst Du den Tempo setzten - ich möchte, dass Du dein Urlaub geniest und nicht dass, Du das Gefühl hast, Du musst dauernd schneller fahren. Dein Tempo ist mein Tempo. (Aber trotzdem möchte ich dir dringend vorschlagen, dass Du Dich ein bißchen vorbereitest, bevor Du mitfährst.)

Was ist, wenn ich alleine fahren muss? Null Problemo.

APRIL 2006




Destination at End of Day
Ziel am Tages Ende


General Location /
Points of Interest





16 Apr


Langen - near Frankfurt


Father-in-law’s Birthday

easy - flat




17 Apr




Altstadt, Dom St. Peter, Schunkengasse

easy - flat




18 Apr


St. Leon, Da Silvano Restaurant


Hockenheim German City of Formula 1 Racing

easy - flat




19 Apr


SAP - Rot to Karlsruhe


My office at SAP - Chance to say Goodbye to my colleagues and turn in my badge.

easy - flat




20 Apr

René & Annette Bacher

Karlsruhe to Neuburg am Rhein


Official Starting Point for the trip near the French border

easy - flat




20 Apr

René & Annette Bacher



Wissembourg, France





21 Apr

René & Annette Bacher

Dahn, Pfalz


Dahnerfelsenland is a Wundertüte for nature lovers. Cliffs and balanced rocks and a favorite place for tourists.

easy - flat



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René Bacher, a long-time colleague and working partner at SAP, and his lovely wife Annette will join me during the first official week of the trip -- official because the real starting and ending point is a town called Neuburg on the Rhine River -- the same city on the French border where I will head inland near the end of the trip to return to my home in the Oden Forest.  René and I have worked closely together to help build the documentation team in our department for small businesses. I look forward to spending a few days together with him and enjoying our first short vacation together.

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