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7-12 Aug - Week 13

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7 - 12 August 2006



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7 Aug

“Pleasurable Loneliness! You are the quietness, my silent breast so long has sought.”

After my mid-trip break, it is time to continue and complete the trip I have chosen.

Return to Chemnitz


8 Aug

Sven Funck

Sven, studying economics at the university in Linz, Austria, escorted me through his father’s company giving me an excellent overview as to how Rosskopf & Partner manufacture their products.

Forest near Eibenstock where I spent the night.


9 Aug


Cheb (formerly Eger) in Bohemia - the Czech Republic

On the right is the city marketplace in Cheb.
For a complete meal here I paid 5 Euros. Since I exchanged 25 Euros for Czech crowns (korun Ceských), I’m not certain what I will do with the rest. I will return to the Czech Republic on Sunday - perhaps a relaxing massage. :-))


10 Aug

Only in Bavaria

A bicycle trail with a beer mug as its symbol.

Falkenberg Castle (1000 A.D.) built as protection from enemies to the east. A knight, Konrad von Falkenberg, and his family are the first known inhabitants of the castle.


11 Aug

Kirchweih (Church Dedication) in Flossenbürg
After I took this picture, the people in this friendly village greeted me with a free beer and a glass of Jägermeister.

Church in Floß


12 Aug Trail From Floß through Eslarn into the Czech Republic

Flossenbürg Castle - High atop a Large Block of Granite

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