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I crash my bike about every 2000 kilometers. Usually, it happens when I am riding more slowly and I am not usually injured. But about every 10,000 kilometers, something happens that causes me a lot of pain. In November 2008, I crashed after sliding on wet leaves and landed on asphalt on my head and shoulder. This time, it was especially painful.

My neck and back hurt so badly after the crash that I went to an expert. Dr. Kemski adjusted my neck and back in only 20 minutes Unless you have a serious problem that requires surgery, if you need someone, who really knows how to relieve such serious pain, then give her a call. If Dr. Kemski can’t help you, nobody can.

Dr. Lorraine Kemski
“Doctor of Chiropractic”
Tel. 06151-4290700
 Rehkopfweg 17
 64287 Darmstadt


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