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Last Update: 29 December 2010

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Don - Snow on car1
Blackbirds in Livigno

There’s no better way to clear your lungs with clean fresh air than to go skiing in the high Alps in Livigno, Italy. As you can see by the fresh snow on my car, there is more than enough to go around in this beautiful village in the Alps. Allow me to show you a few pictures of my short ski trip.

Es gibt keine bessere Methode, die Lungen zu reinigen als mit saubere frische Luft in den Alpen von Livigno, Italien. Wie Du siehst vom neugefallenen Schnee auf meinem Auto, gibt es mehr als genug für jeden in diesem schönen Dorf in den Alpen. Erlaube mir ein Paar Fotos zu zeigen von meiner Kurzreise.

CIMG2251 Going Up

I sure screwed up this run. Maybe I should stick to riding a bicycle! Click the picture below and run it!

CIMG2248 Don Lone Skier

On the Way Up

CIMG2222 Adriano Cell

Don - The Pawn

CIMG2234 Adriano

Adriano - Doing a Telephone Interview on the Ski Slopes - Now, there’s something new!

CIMG2237 Livigno Main Lift

Adriano - The Rook
(Click the Picture)

Livigno’s Main Lift

CIMG2246 En guarde
CIMG2236 Snow Hikers

Adriano vs. Dario - The King
(Click the Picture)

Snow Hikers

CIMG2252 Sun Valley Livigno

High Noon in Livigno Valley

Skiing in Livigno

Don - Succeeding
(Click it)

CIMG2216 Adriano Lift

Adriano - Skiing Partner & Good Friend

CIMG2227 Don

First Run of Day 2

CIMG2238 Trees to South

Looking South

CIMG2217 Livigno lake

Lago di Livigno

CIMG2240 Sunset Livigno

Sunset in Livigno


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