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Last Update: 19 September 2010

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Yes, Norbert, Friday was really my last day at work. I’m not sure how many asked me the same questions: “Is this really your last day?” “How do you feel?” At my retirement party, the giddiness of the moment was a really good feeling, but do I dare reveal that I awoke in a sea of tears the morning after at five? Men are supposed to be tough! It was a feeling of great loss that can only come when you have a deep admiration for someone and they are suddenly gone. I can honestly say that I will miss you - each and every one of you.

Susann, Michaela, and Silke

I was speechless at the wonderful surprise when the ladies brought in the Kiwi trees. What a clever idea. Above, Annegret Lyrakis is checking out the instructions. I will read them closely and plant the trees where everyone can see them when they come up the steps to my home. When the fruit comes out in a year or two, you’re invited to a grill party at my home to enjoy them together. 

I know it was a lot of work to stuff the eggs. I took one apart and then tried to put it back together. Not easy! They were the most intesting “Überaschungseier” I’ve ever seen. The surprise in the eggs will be put to very good use. Thanks Team!

The speech that Markus gave was one of the kindest I’ve ever heard and I’m thankful for everything he said.

I’m not very good about giving speeches, so I put together a poem to read that says how I feel about retiring and working with my colleagues at SAP.

Since a few of my colleagues asked me for a copy of it, just click the picture on the right to read it.

Below are several shots that Eleanor snapped at the party. If you would like to have any of the original photographs, please let me know and I’ll send them to you. Thanks again for the gifts and for coming and making it a wonderful retirement party!

Samantha and Martina



Verena and Anja

Katja, Felix and Ralph

“I’ll Take You There”
A really nice gift with photographs and verse from Israel



for the cold nights on the bike trip

Jean, Dan, Gary, and Steve -- My “Ami” Lunch Pals from Walldorf

Uwe - Don explaining how to ride a bike without your cheeks turning blue!

Ian, Silke, Achim - Telling Jokes!

Helen - Saying Goodbye!

Ian -- A Friend is a Friend Forever

Norbert, Martina, Thomas, Ralph

Opening the Gifts - Michaela

A big THANKYOU to the team - Michaela, Silke, Anja, Verena

Uncorking - Rene, Artur, Susanne, Heike

Michaela and Pam - “Chowing Down”

Dirk, Darius - Looking up to my previous supervisor at B1

Ian and René - Cheers!


Now, there’s one genuine smile that says,
“It’s All Over Baby”




A FEW DAYS LATER - The trees are planted!


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