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Left Rear Pannier - My Wardrobe

Cycling gloves (Roeckle fingerless & warm gloves with fingers)

3 pairs of socks (2 thin and 1 thick)

Safety vest (thin) - for driving on busy highways

Long-sleeved cycling jersey and long-legged cycling slacks

2 sets of Odlo stretch boxer shorts  (not cotton)

Vaude Trousers, light-weight, quick dry with removable legs for hot weather (for hiking and evening wear)

Cycling shorts and jersey with short sleeves

1 long-sleeved undershirts - stretch breatheable

Long-sleeved shirt (quick dry breathable)

100% waterproof rain jacket (Goretex)

Long McKinley ski underwear (top and bottom) as pyjamas at night

Sleeping sheet bag for extra warmth - I used this as a lining for my sleeping bag.

Fleece ski hat (I wear this at night to keep my head warm.)

Bike shoes with thick soles (used for both biking and hiking)

Camping pillow in stuff bag

Full fleece jacket for warmth

Buffs - 2 normal and 1 polar

2 short-sleeved undershirts - thin breatheable

Right Rear Pannier - My Kitchen

2 light-weight titanium inter-fitting pots

Spices: pepper, salt, chili pepper, hot spice, paprika, garlic powder, basil, mustard and mayonaise in a tube


Frying pan - foldable

Olive oil in small plastic bottle

Dried soup packages - noodle soup, etc.

1 McKinley light-weight stainless steel deep plate

Bic lighter

Dried mashed potatoes

2 half-liter plastic glasses (blue for tea and hot drinks, yellow for soups)

Maggi cubes: beef, chicken

Tea, hot chocolate, soluble vitamin, magnesium, and calcium tablets

McKinley fork, spoon and knife set with bottle and can opener

Honey in a squeeze bottle

Ziploc bags

Simple propane gas cooker

Dried fruits, nuts, and granola bars

Paper towels (important)

Black Bag on Top of the Rear Panniers - My House

Vaude Space IV Tent - Lots of room, waterproof and lightweight

Sleeping bag and warm fleece liner - In very warm weather, I used only the thin linen bag (kept in my wardrobe). A bit cooler, I put the linen sheet into the fleece liner. For very cold weather, I used all three.

Important: Air Mattress (Isomatte) - Usually, I keep this under the black bag on the rear rack so I can use it for resting.

Rubber hammer - to pound the tent pegs into hard dirt

Extra large sheet of plastic to lay under the tent for moisture protection. This sheet was the exact size of the entire tent floor and the apses. The normal moisture protection sheet goes on top of this. 

Small moisture protection sheet to place under tent. This sheet is only the size of the sleeping area and is placed on the large sheet.

Left Front Pannier - My Workshop for Bike and Body



Bike Repair Kit

Painkillers (Ibuprofen, Tylenol)

Suntan lotion

Bike Oil (Teflon) & Grease


Shampoo & soap

Leatherman with alan keys and screwdrivers

Moleskin (for hiking)

Hairbrush & comb

Pump, tube patch kit, & plastic irons

Gauze bandage/dressing


Topeak Alien Tool

Hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant)

Razor (disposable - not elec.)

Zap ties (fasteners)

After (Insect) Bite - Iodine

Toothbrush, paste, floss

Spoke wrench & spokes

Sewing kit & folding scissors

Ear plugs (for sleeping)

Nuts, bolts, light bulbs, etc.

Tweezers, needle

Fingernail file

Latex gloves and rag


Insect repellent


Other Stuff



Personal medicine

Towel (microfaser)

Liquid laundry soap

Scouring pad

Dish washing liquid

Duct tape, electrical tape

Hand cream

Thin strong clothesline and 8 heavy duty clothes pins.

Plastic trash bags (wet gear)

Front Right Pannier - My Office




Battery charger

Mobile phone charger

Paper tissues to clean laptop screen

Camera charger

Swim goggles

Computer charger

Small day pack (hiking)

Thin rain jacket and helmet cover

Handlebar Bag -  Important Papers or Things I Need Quickly

Business cards with my picture and contact info on them

Lip balm

Medical Insurance Card

Tissues & toilet paper

Metal ID tags


(Clear and dark glasses -- insect protection)

Notepad, pen

Shot record

Lightweight flashlight

Log book, calendar


Swiss pocket knife

Mini Camera Tripod

Reading glasses



Head lamp - with straps

Pepper Spray (for mean animals)

ATM and charge cards

Felt marker pens: green, red and blue

Cell phone with MP3 player and Radio

Small amount of cash - rest is hidden

Small bag for coins

Small sealed sheet of paper to explain who I am, what I am doing, and who to contact in case of an accident.

Container with rechargeable AA and AAA batteries

Geocaching Bag with hand mirror, tweezers, pens, TBs and GCs

Bike Gear

Helmet (with sun visor)


Front white & rear red light

Fenders (Mudguards)

2 water bottles w holders

Comfortable seat - P&P

Heavy-duty rear rack and low-rider front rack (for panniers)

Waterproof Ortlieb panniers and bag - see above

2 ABUS cable combination locks


Bicycle computer

Rear view mirror

The Best EQUIPMENT – A few tips about the items above – based on my experience.

  • Get loose fitting cycling jerseys that are easy to wash and dry quickly
  • Titanium pots are ultra light and easy to clean.
  • A thick fleece jacket is better than wool and you can use it as a pillow
  • Get an "ultra-light" sleeping bag, a fleece liner, and sleeping sheet.
  • Ortlieb and VauDe bicycle panniers are 100% waterproof.
  • Ask your dealer about a thick cable lock from ABUS that cannot be cut with a bolt cutter. They are well worth the money.
  • Löffler, Colibri, Goretex super lightweight 100% waterproof breathable rain jackets also serve as good windbreakers.
  • Sleeping Sheet (This is a thin easy-to-wash sleeping sack that you can use as a liner in your sleeping bag. It gives you extra warmth when it is cold and adds life to your sleeping bag. When it is really hot at night, you can sleep in it on top of your sleeping bag to stay cool and yet have enough warmth to sleep well. Feels great!

Things that fail to work properly

  • Cheap tires – split or blow. I use Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. Depending on what you need, Schwalbe has a wide selection of the best tires.

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